Yea, we know what you're thinking - everybody has links on their site. Most are out of date or just plain dumb. Not way! This is the cream of the crop - the best there is - bar none. Hey, we even check them occasionally to see that they still work. Can't beat that!

Local Ludington Links

Ludington Daily News
The Ludington Daily News is the heartbeat of Ludington. Looking to find the news, community events, reader's "Best Of" choices and more? This is the place.

Huron-Manistee National Forest
Ludington is nearly surrounded by the Huron-Manistee National Forest, the closest national forest to Chicago and Detroit. It is over one million acres in size. It's a great resource for local hiking, canoeing, mushroom gathering, mountain biking, birding, fall color viewing, hunting, horseback riding, off-road vehicle riding and more.

Ludington State Park
What a day trip! Even the drive to get there is cool. Big Sable Point Lighthouse is located within the park and is a great hike. ranked it as one of the best parks in Michigan.

Ludington Area Charterboat Association
All the inside scoop on fishing charters. "In the past decade, more charters have originated, and more trout and salmon have been caught out of the port of Ludington each year than any port in the state of Michigan." is also a nice site and includes up-to-date fishing reports.

Sandcastles Children's Museum
Every once in awhile it rains.  This place is great for the kids when it does.  It's big, interactive and engaging.  A must-see if you have little ones.


Lake Michigan Carferry (S.S. Badger)
By far, one of the coolest ways of traveling to Ludington. Cross Lake Michigan from Manitowoc, Wisconsin right into Ludington. This is the official site of the S.S. Badger with reservation information, costs, etc.

Lake Express
Hold on to your hat, this is the site for the new high-speed carferry between Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Muskegan, Michigan, one hour south of Ludington. It crosses Lake Michigan in 2.5 hours at a speed of 40 mph!

The Carferries of Ludington
A site that tracks the history of the carferry service in Ludington. This is a great site to explore the long and colorful history of carferries in and out of Ludington.

Local Weather Resources (for the diehard weather junkie)

Station LDTM4 - 9087023 - Ludington, MI
This page provides real time weather observation information from Ludington, courtesy of the NOAA National Data Buoy Center. Here's another one located at Big Point Sable.

Sheboygan, Wisconsin C-MAN Weather Station
Located directly across Lake Michigan from Ludington, the Sheboygan C-MAN station is a weather sensing tower. This page provides the station data in real time. Useful in seeing what's coming across the lake.

North Lake Michigan Mid-Lake Weather Buoy
The location of the buoy (51 nautical miles NE of Sturgeon Bay, WI) makes this resource a little out of range for useful Ludington weather, but it's too cool to leave off the list. Real time and historical weather data from this buoy moored in the middle of the lake.

Lake Michigan Near Shore Marine Forecast
For waters within 10 nautical miles of shore from New Buffalo to Manistee (including Ludington). From the National Weather Service.

NEXRAD Color Radar - Grand Rapids, MI
NEXRAD, or Next Generation of Weather Radar, is a highly sensitive Doppler radar that shows great detail of rain, storms and the like. From Intellicast and updated every 15 minutes. NEXRAD - Green Bay, WI is another good one for the Ludington area.

Local Weather
From the Weather Underground, this is the latest forecast page for Ludington.